How do I book?
You can download a booking form or contact us and we can send a paper copy then just return it along your deposit.


How do I pay?
You can pay securely online using Paypal or pay by cheque which should be made out to Battlefield Select Tours


Is there a surcharge to cover changes in the exchange rate?
Only in Extreme Circumstances


Do I have to share a room if travelling alone?
Only if you have indicated on the booking form that you wish to share. If you have indicated that you would like a single room then an additional charge will be added to your balance.


Do I get my money back if I cancel my Tour?
This will depend on when you cancel. We are required to make deposits to our suppliers by specific dates so refunds are at management discretion.


If I have paid my deposit and then turns out that I am unable to attend the tour, do I lose my deposit?
Deposits are non refundable, however you may be able to transfer it to another tour. This will be up to the tour manager's discretion.


What happens if Battlefield Select Tours cancel the tour?
We will provide a full refund or an alternative tour.


Are all meals provided?
At Battlefield Select Tours meals are provided from Dinner on the first night on the ferry right up until Breakfast on the ferry on our arrival back into the UK. Packed meals are also provided unless indicated on the itinerary. For Silver Tours there are no meals provided except breakfast in the hotel.


How many do you require for the tour to go ahead?
We require 25 for the tour to go ahead. We however never go over 40 on a tour except when it is a private tour. We believe that this will ensure that you will have a more enjoyable and comfortable tour. It also enables us to treat all passengers as individuals and so make your tour a more memorable one making it selective to the needs of that particular tour group. Our walking tours however require 15 people for the tour to go ahead


Do I require Travel Insurance and European Health Insurance Card?
Yes.  You must take out Travel insurance and we recommend you obtain a European Health Insurance Card. We will require this information before you travel


Do I require a Passport?
You will require a Passport. We will check your passport on your boarding of the coach to ensure you have not forgot it and it is in date


Do you accommodate Disabled passengers?
Please contact the tour operator to discuss this. We do have a State Registered Paramedic or a State Registered Nurse on most of the tours and a first aider on all tours


Where can I join the tour?
We have pick up points between Inverness and Hull. For more information please contact Battlefield Select Tours


Will it be possible to request a visit to a particular grave or memorial?
If the memorial or grave is on or near our planned itinerary and if we have time we will endeavour to make a visit. However a number of memorials and graveyards are not always possible to visit due to their locations. To accomodate this seperate transport will be provided one day during the tour. Please request any special visits at your time of booking and we will endeavour to accomodate your wishes


Will it be possible to lay a wreath on a grave or memorial?
Each passenger receives a poppy cross to lay where they wish and 2 passengers get drawn from the hat to lay a wreath at the Menin Gate. If you wish we can order wreaths for you through the Poppy Fund. Please inform us at your time booking and we will advise you of the additional cost for this request


Is there a donation included in the tour price which goes towards charity?
Yes, a donation goes to the Poppy Fund and we hold a raffle on the tour where the proceeds go to Service Charities


Do I need special clothing and footwear for the tour?
We recommend that you have suitable footwear on the tour as the ground is uneven on a number of the sites. A waterproof jacket is recommended as we spend the majority of the tour outdoors


How fit do you need to be for the walking tours?
The walks are not that hard but you will need to be fit enough to walk approximately 5 -6 miles a day
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