Battlefield Select Tours

A' toir eachdraidh beꝺ bho Alba

Visit World War 1 and World War 2 Battlefields courtesy of a family-and-friends-based company that believes passionately in preserving the memory of some of history's most important battles: of the victories won and of the lives lost. We take our clients on journeys that are inspirational, educational, deeply moving, and which provide memories to be treasured for a lifetime.

About Us

Battlefield Select Tours came about when we realised that we could provide a VIP service, at a reasonable price, to clients in Scotland and the North of England. We could entirely remove the hassle that comes with making one's own way to such remarkable historical sites, and provide a fully managed and catered service at the same time.

We provide an all-inclusive service. This includes your luxury coach journey from pick-up points throughout Scotland and the North of England, taking you to all your destinations, and stopping at a fantastic selection of boutique hotels along the way. 

Throughout your time with us we will accommodate you fully, with exquisite three-course evening meals (unless the Silver package is chosen), lunch and hotel breakfasts - all with our own unique, personal touch.

Private Tours

Battlefield Select Tours specialises in the provision of private tours for our clients - an area in which we are very much sought after, on account of our experience and expertise.

Battlefield Select Tours will provide you with a VIP service from start to finish, beginning with a luxury coach from the collection point of your choosing. We also provide 4-star accommodation with all meals provided throughout your stay, if required.

Our guides are highly respected in their fields and have been heavily involved with projects on the History Channel and Time Team Specials on Channel 4.